What is Lo & Behold?

Lo & Behold is a biweekly newsletter written by me, Malinda Lo, about writing and culture. For the first half of 2021, I’ll be publishing a series about the 1950s, focusing on issues I researched while writing my new novel, Last Night at the Telegraph Club, which is set in 1950s San Francisco. Among the stories and topics I’ll explore are: queer history, midcentury lesbian bars, life in San Francisco’s Chinatown, and how I embedded my research into the novel.

In fall 2020, I published a seven-issue series on the craft of writing, which you can read here.

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For over ten years, I’ve been blogging about writing, young adult fiction, LGBTQ+ issues, and popular culture on my website. If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written, subscribing allows you to support my writing, which enables me to write more.

In Lo & Behold I’ll continue to write about the stuff I’m captivated by: writing (because I’m a writer), queer culture, miscellany I discover while writing my books, young adult literature and the publishing industry, and who knows what else serendipitously catches my eye. The world is a fascinating place and I love to write about it.

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